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Pet Admission Policy

In order to ensure that all our guests, whether staying with or without pets, have a pleasant stay in our Hotel, we inform you of the following Pet Admission Policies, which are mandatory:

  • Guests are allowed to enter accompanied by their Pet (Dogs), excluding pets such as cats and exotic animals, among others.
  • At the moment of making the reservation, the guest must communicate that he/she will be accompanied by his/her pet.
  • Any guest who enters our establishment with his pet declares that it is in good health and has been properly educated and socialized, so that it is suitable for the use of our facilities, both rooms and common areas.
  • The hotel staff may require the guest to present a current pet vaccination card as a requirement for admission, so it is mandatory to carry it with you.
  • Only 1 (one) pet per room will be allowed.
  • Only pets whose maximum weight does not exceed 12 kilograms will be allowed.
  • The entrance of potentially dangerous breeds will not be admitted, in application of the Peruvian legislation, such as American Pitbull, Brazilian fila, Japanese tosa, bullmastiff, doberman and rottweiler, as well as those pets that have been trained for fights, those that have a history of aggressiveness against people or furniture; and that cannot assure their sociability, temperament or character.
  • The admission of each pet has a cost of S/.50.00 (Fifty and 00/100 soles) per night.
  • Gran Recreo Hotel will not be responsible for the feeding of pets during their stay, the guest must provide for the same, prior to their entry (check in).
  • The guest may request as a loan, for the use of your pet during your stay, the following: (i) a traveling crate or dog bed and (ii) a food dish. Subject to availability.
  • Gran Recreo Hotel will provide, free of charge, (i) disposable bags and (ii) absorbent pads. Your pet must relieve himself/herself in the absorbent pads that will be placed in the bathroom of the room. In any other case, the guest is responsible for the direct collection or pick up of the organic waste of your pet, using disposable bags and/or absorbent pads, as well as to give immediate notice to the cleaning staff of the hotel in order to dispose of them outside the room.
  • The use of towels, sheets or hotel linens for grooming or waste collection of your pet is not permitted. Failure to comply will generate the obligation to replace the damaged room accessories, according to the rates available at the front desk.
  • The pet must always remain in the company and under the attention and care of the guest who registered it during their stay, and must always travel through the common areas of the hotel with the regulatory leash.
  • It is FORBIDDEN for the pet to climb on the beds, sofas, armchairs and any other type of furniture inside the hotel room, as well as in the common areas. Likewise, it is not allowed to leave your pet alone or unattended inside the room or in the common areas.
  • The entrance to the restaurant with pets is restricted.
  • Guests staying with their pets are solely responsible for their care and behavior, and must avoid barking, noise and behavior that may cause discomfort to other guests.
  • The guest staying in the company of his pet is solely responsible for any damage or incident caused by the same, whether to hotel employees, third parties or material objects owned by the hotel or third parties. In that sense, the guest will be solely responsible for paying all costs for recovery, restitution, compensation, repair or any other that may apply, which must be covered in full before Check Out.
  • It is strictly prohibited any act of mistreatment or cruelty against your pet or other pets that are inside or outside the hotel facilities, or acts that endanger public health. According to Peruvian law, these actions constitute crimes that may be punishable by imprisonment, so, if appropriate, immediate notice of these actions will be given to the competent authorities.
  • Guests staying in the company of their pets must be kind and tolerant with other guests who may be allergic or feel uncomfortable, seeking at all times a respectful interaction.
  • GRAN RECREO HOTEL reserves the right to cancel the reservation of any guest who does not comply with these policies or who stays with a pet that shows a lack of education and socialization, in such a way that it is not suitable for the use of our facilities and/or affects the tranquility and rest of the guests.
  • SUPPLEMENTARY APPLICATION: In matters not covered by this policy, the regulations of the respective sector and the Peruvian Civil Code shall apply.
  • We appreciate your visit and compliance with these policies. We wish you a pleasant stay in the company of your pet.
Estete Street 460, Historic Center
Phones: +51 (44) 230303
Cell. : +51 990 001 735
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