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Hotel internal Regulations

These regulations shall be strictly complied with by guests in accordance with the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 001-2015-MINCETUR and the Civil Code in force, in accordance with the following articles:

Art. 1st: CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT TIME: Check in time is 02:00 p.m. and check out 12:00 m. of the confirmed day of departure. After that time, if the guest has not checked out of the room, the Hotel shall be entitled to charge an additional fee according to the current rates, which is available at the reception area. Likewise, upon check-out time, if the guest is not present and has not confirmed an extension of his/her stay, the Hotel will charge the corresponding amount to his/her account. All reservations must be 100% prepaid in advance.

Art. 2: ROOM FOR DISABLED PERSONS:We have a double room reserved for disabled persons on the first level. In case of high occupancy of rooms, guests (without disabilities) may use this room if available (with their prior consent); however, the Hotel reserves the right to make a subsequent change of room for a room without special facilities, if there is new availability and the room is required for people with disabilities.

Art. 3: REGISTRATION: All guests must register before entering the HOTEL, including minors and pets (See Pet Admission Policy). The Administration may request a copy of your ID at check-in. At the time of check out it is the guest’s responsibility to return the room card in good condition. The loss or damage of the card is the guest’s responsibility; therefore, if the card is lost or damaged, the guest must pay the fee of S/.25.00 (Twenty-five and 00/100 soles).

Inside the room, a remote control for the television in your room or suite will be made available to the guest (01). If it is not found, we will appreciate your immediate communication to Reception. In case of loss or deterioration of the remote control, it is the guest’s responsibility and therefore, the guest must pay the amount of S/. 50.00 (Fifty and 00/100 soles).

Art. 4ª: GUESTS: It is forbidden for third parties who are not staying at the hotel to visit guests in their rooms or suites. Exceptionally, the guest may receive guests in hotel areas such as the lobby, restaurant or terrace.

Art. 5: SECURITY OF VALUABLES: The hotel, within its rooms or suites, makes available to the Guest, a safe for the storage of money, jewelry, documents and other valuables. Likewise, the hotel is not responsible for the loss of the goods inside the safe, being the full responsibility of the Guest’s care. The hotel is not responsible for jewelry and valuables left in the rooms and assumes no responsibility for these without having been reported and delivered in advance to the hotel Reception, to be guarded by the Hotel as a depository. The objects and valuables of the guests that are found by the Hotel staff will remain in the custody of the administration for a period of 30 calendar days. After this time, the hotel will not be responsible for such objects.

Art. 6: CLEANING OF ROOMS AND CHANGE OF SHEETS: The cleaning of rooms and change of sheets in the hotel, will be done every day between 07:00 am and 03:00 pm in the rooms and suites registered with stays longer than 01 (ONE) night.

Art. 7ª: PROPERTY: It is the responsibility of the Guests, the correct maintenance of the property in the room during their stay. In case of any damage inside the Guest’s room, the Administration area must be informed within one (1) hour of the Guest’s arrival and report its poor condition for its replacement. Any damage caused by guests to property owned by the Hotel shall be their sole responsibility, and they must pay for the repair or replacement of the same. The Hotel shall be entitled to charge an extra fee according to the current rates available at the Reception, in order to replace the damaged property during your stay.

Art. 8: PROHIBITIONS: It is FORBIDDEN to use electrical appliances for the preparation of meals inside the rooms and suites. Likewise, SMOKING inside the rooms or suites is PROHIBITED; non-compliance will be subject to a penalty of 50% of the lodging cost per night.

Art. 9: SAFETY: Minors visiting our facilities must be under the direct supervision of their parents, guardians or responsible adults at all times. Likewise, guests are responsible for locking their doors and windows when leaving their rooms and leaving their belongings inside.

Art. 10ª: RIGHT OF ENTRANCE: The entrance fee for bottles of liquor is S/.25.00 (Twenty-five and 00/100 soles), and for bottles of wine S/.15.00 (Fifteen with 00/100 soles), both include a courtesy of 01 (one) bucket of ice and glasses or cups.

Art. 11: BREAKFAST HOURS: Breakfast will be served between 07:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Breakfasts requested outside the established schedule will be charged according to our menu.

Art. 12: RESTAURANT HOURS AND BEVERAGE SERVICE: The Hotel Restaurant services and the sale of alcoholic beverages will be available from 07:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Except for changes due to governmental authorities. The Hotel reserves the right to sell alcoholic beverages.

Art. 13: QUIET HOURS: Between 10:00 p.m. and 08:00 a.m. Additionally, the use of portable sound equipment within the facilities is PROHIBITED. We request respect for the rest of other guests.

Art. 14: ABOUT THE USE OF THE SWIMMING POOL: It will be open every day of the year from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. Outside these hours, the pool will enter into chemical process to ensure the correct level of PH and chlorine. Our facilities do NOT have lifeguard service so guests should take the necessary precautions. Only swimsuits are allowed in the pool. The maximum depth of the adult pool is 1.45 m and of the children’s pool is 50 cm.

Art. 15: PAYMENTS FOR SERVICES AND OTHER: Payments by debit or credit card are subject to availability of the Hotel’s network connection. The hotel does not make surcharges for this type of payment. In case of lack of network coverage and impossibility of making the payment by debit or credit card, the Guest must pay in cash or wire transfer. Checks or valuable pledges are not accepted.

There are no refunds for prepayments, you can only change the date of your individual reservations at least 48 hours before arrival and 7 days before for group reservations.

When the date arrives and the client does not submit is considered NO SHOW, the first night will be charged, the following nights can be used within a maximum period of 01 year.

Art. 16ª: NON COMPLIANCE WITH REGULATIONS: In case of non-compliance with these regulations, the Hotel reserves the right to order the eviction of the offending guests, without the right to refunds, even if their contracted period of stay has not ended. Likewise, the Hotel reserves the right to call the competent authorities.

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Estete Street 460, Historic Center
Phones: +51 (44) 230303
Cell. : +51 990 001 735
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